Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make Your Own Topsy Turvy Planter

I started my plants in March. The happy, little seedlings have grown wonderfully on my kitchen table. I was hoping to get them outside sooner than later, but it's snowing today! Yes, snowing. Not so happy about that. So, due to the snow, here they are, sitting on my table, longing to live outdoors.

Just yesterday, I planted the strawberries. Everything else, I have grown from seeds. I couldn't find strawberry seeds, so I purchased the plants at Holm Town Nursery in Fairbanks. I purchased a Topsy Turvy planter for the tomatoes, but decided to make my own for the strawberries.

  • I started with a Parmesan Cheese container. (A milk jug would work too) Also a knife. I left the label on for recycle charm. :)

  • Cut one hole, staggered from the other sides, on each side of the container.

  • Layer the bottom with rocks for drainage.

  • Fill with Soil to just below the first hole, then pop the roots through the hole, into the planter. Fill, and plant accordingly. (Like my little helper!? Yes, he is wearing a headband: God bless big sisters!) :-)

  • Water, and place the lid back on.

It should work as its own, mini greenhouse. Our planting season is VERY short (About May-the end of August) so that's why I planted inside the house in March, hoping to begin my first harvest around June. So, I beg the Lord to remove the snow and bring back 70 degree sunshine! My family wants the dining table back!


  1. I'm not doing any gardening this summer but next year perhaps - I will have to remember to keep my bigger plastics!

  2. Tara~ this is the first year I am shooting for a large-scale garden....I'm really loving it! Hopefully I'll yield some healthy fruit. I am so tired of the expense at the grocery store and all pesticides from things I can't afford to buy Organic! :)

  3. On a side note to the post, milk jugs would work well for this project, or 5 gallon buckets, using a drill to make holes. Could use a piece of PVC pipe with holes drilled throughout to water evenly as well! Happy Gardening!