Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Love

I recently read something someone wrote about how they loved Alaska so much, had moved away, and now referred to the State as if it was their old boyfriend. I liked this analogy. My first love was certainly this place. Its beauty, its silence, its mystery, its adventure.

Though being a mom has slowed my ability to take off on the spontaneous, crazy adventures of yesteryear, I still enjoy the everyday happenings of my life in Alaska!

I took my kids on a dog-cart run a few nights ago. We were cruising down the dirt road when I told the dogs to "whoa," and the kids to "shh."
(Picture from 2009)

We stopped and listened. To nothing. The quietness of Alaska air is amazing! No freeway traffic, no dogs were barking, no birds chirping, no horns honking, no people shouting; just silence! It sends a thrilling chill through your soul when this happens and I love it!
~I love it "like my first love." I am glad we still love each other. Yeah, we have our conflicts (-50 always brings up a fight), and our disagreements (why so many months of darkness?), but in the end, we were meant for each other: Alaska and me!


  1. That looks like so much fun!

    I too love the peace and quiet here. When I go to visit my family in the Lower 48, I go crazy until I can come home to Alaska.


  2. I'm with ya', Susan. No matter how great the vacation, I always love landing in Fairbanks, the drive past Fred Meyer, the lack of smell in Alaska's clean air, and SO much more. I don't even mind coming home to -50s, it's home!

  3. P.S. Susan~ The dog cart ROCKS! It is a product of Norway that I found for a steal at $100.00 on the Eielson AFB online for sale board! My dogs get their exercise, and we get a fun ride in the clean air! :)