Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I will never forget:
Hearing my brothers, sister and mom in the kitchen, the TV was on and that was very unusual at our house so early in the morning. I crawled out of bed and found out about the first plane. The news was still inquiring as...
to wether it was an accident or not, then I watched the second plane via live feed crash into the tower. It was unreal. It looked like a scene from a B rated movie, just a fast smash on the screen. No one said anything, we just stared like it couldn't be real.
The affect on the nation was 100%. Big things and little changed, immediately, and long-term. For us, my grandparents got stranded in Alaska with no flights flying for days after the attack. Dad was out moose hunting and didn't even know.
We saw more American flags flying in Alaska then ever before, and a wave of patriotism swept the country.
Not Patriotism alone, but the return to the Lord for many. Our country's foundation of Christianity seemed to strike a chord in the hearts of many. People turned to the God who could heal their hearts and their land. It seems so short lived, that return.
"We will never forget," our President vowed. Forget what? The attack? The images? The vulnerability? The fear? The faces of our enemies? The war that followed? No, we will never forget those things, but I think Bush hoped that in not forgetting THOSE things, we wouldn't forget our weakness. We wouldn't forget our need for a Saviour. We wouldn't forget that God alone is the defender of our nation. What an impact on my heart, the events of that day. So much so, that when I glance at the date on my computer screen, a lump is in my throat instantly. tears. May we never forget....may the cross that stands at ground zero STAY at ground zero. May the hearts of the people repent and come to Christ who is the only one who can ever heal our country.
I will never forget.

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