Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's Up!?

So, I've been completely busy with my etsy party plans, that I haven't posted in a while. I thought whoever is out there may want to know the happenings of my life in North Pole.

Mama Bird:
STRANGE thing about her...After being attacked by Mommy Bird AND Daddy Bird several times, I was never able to take pictures of the growing babies. I am slightly concerned about their fate, however. One day, I found a small pile of teeny birdy feathers in the yard. :( Noticing that both parental bird had been away for a while, I checked the nest and found it void of life. One, still-born egg lies in it still. I don't know why, but it just makes me sort-of sad.


I am happy to report that my thumb is quite green these days! The tomatoes are flowering along with the peas. The Potatoes are requiring new dirt daily, and the broccoli is getting so leafy! ~Can anyone tell me when it will turn into sprouts?~ Carrots, strawberries, and herbs are good, and scallions abundant! Overall, I am very pleased with the gardening progression. I am slightly disappointed at the availability of garden soil, however. No one has any! Home Depot, Lowe's, Fred Meyer-it's all gone! My poor cabbages may not move into the garden at all!


Last week, Gabe caught a little cold. Unfortunately for his premature lungs, a little cold becomes a big ordeal rather quickly. We spent the better half of last weekend in and out of the hospital, but avoided admittance, nonetheless! Though his oxygen was low, and his breathing labored, we were allowed to take care of our little guy at home, giving him breathing treatments via a nebulizer and oral steroids. A week and a half later, he has a runny nose, but is doing MUCH better. The nebulizer is a different story...


My beloved "pound puppy" had to go to the doggy doctor for the first time since we got him in 2006. He has some sort of yeast infection on his skin due to allergies. He is most likely reacting to the high levels of pollen and cottonwood this time of year. One-hundred and thirty-one dollars later, we left the vet with special shampoo and started bathing him twice a week. Of course he LOVES this, right!? ;) Well, he isn't a TOTAL waste of fur and money...A couple of days ago, Moses refused to sit in his seat. After much his continual protesting, I went to see if he may have wet the bed and been embarrassed. No wet spots, BUT, I DID find a burned-up outlet behind the chair. The nebulizer plug was completely blackened and the wall was hot. After unplugging it and taping off the outlet, Moses reclaimed his seat. I would like to publicly declare him to be a "good boy!" (this time)
Etsy party:

With only two weeks of planning, my business, MB's, was able to pull off a pretty good craft party! Of course, I had some excellent help from two friends, Tara, and Jennifer. We built a fun, hot-air balloon pinata and stuffed it with candy AND craft supplies! We had a huge cake, mustaches on a stick, and so much more! The infamous crafter, Kate Clark was there with her news-worthy iMaxi for the iPad! SO very funny and clever, Kate was a star at the party! (Once she admitted what her product was, that is! ;) ) All-in-all, it was a great beginning to what I think will be a regular happening around here for years to come!!

Unfortuantely, there is not a GREAT selection for lower-priced yummy foods to go in the Fairbanks area. BUT, I am hungry and off the Chili's to spend a rediculous amount of money on food to share with me and my hoodlums. Love to all...will blog again soon.~MB


  1. sounded fun, missed you guys

  2. That was so much fun. Thanks again for hosting!

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