Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seven Weird or Random Things...

Shane tagged me on his blog and I am supposed to list seven weird or random facts about myself, then tag seven others who are to do the same on their blogs. Trying to stay on theme with my blog, here it goes:

  1. If I step on the snow beginning with my left foot, I must leave the snow from my right foot.
  2. Lynx chili is pretty good and I know because my dad made it for his own retirement party.
  3. I can't swim: I just don't know how, and this is not very smart since there is so much water in Alaska.
  4. The longest I've gone not owning a Brittany (Spaniel) was the first year of my life.
  5. The longest I've been without a shower is 10 days while on float-hunting trip during which time I shot my first moose.
  6. (slightly off topic, but funny) When we first got married, my arm muscles were bigger than John's and I owned more firearms....Now he has a couple more guns than me.-and FINE, he's managed to gain some muscle too. :)
  7. I was 18 years old before I saw a black bear in the wild...and I shot him!

Alright, that was everything you really didn't need to know about me and now I am tagging: My Sister-in-law, Jennifer (Because she's the "survey queen"), Rebecca (Because she'll probably do it), Gretchen (Because -45 for the last week and a half is driving her to boredom), Jennifer's sister, Lauren (Because she's the "survey queen's" sister), Crystal (Because she's online all the time), John's Aunt Kristi (Because she might be up to the challenge), and James (Because I just don't know anyone else who might keep this thing going).


  1. You know Melody... great post! My dad never hunted so I never have hunted. One of these days I'm going to go deer hunting with my brother-in-law. We are obviously a little more limited what we can hunt in Iowa.

    I didn't realize people ate Lynx. So cats are good eating, huh? Well that makes sense, not much purpose for them otherwise.

    We own a mini-daschund - he's our furry kid.

    I'm amazed that you didn't see a black bear until 18, you've lived in Alaska of all of your life right?

    Hope you learn to swim soon - is there an indoor pool near you?

  2. 7 irrelevant things about me? hmmmm
    1) As a teenager I was a headbanger. I wore all black and listened to heavy metal music(the 80's hair bands).
    2) I have always wanted to be a lawyer, or an investigator. It amazes me how they figure out cases.
    3) I hope that the Lord takes me before my survival counts on me hunting, I have such a soft spot for animals, not sure if I could ever kill one.
    4)I believe God created men to be the stronger sex, and I enjoy being the woman.
    5)I have huge feet..size 10 1/2 to 11.
    6)I have a VERY LOW tolerance for disrespect.
    7)I like fast cars, but don't really like going fast.
    There is the things I could pull out on the spot,lol. Enjoy I guess..hahah

  3. At least I knew most of them. Strange how we both kind of did the same with bears except my time was a lot shorter at 8 years.
    I only have one more gun than you. Thats it.
    I think I may have gone near four weeks without a shower in the Army, not sure but close. You remember how stinky i was after 2 weeks?
    Who are the people above?


  4. @ Shane: Go deer hunting! ASAP...hunting is such a great way to enjoy God's creation.

    People don't eat lynx-not generally...My dad once made us try eating beaver too....ICK-very slippery-fatty and tasted like raw potatoes. The lynx chili was done as an experiment and conversation piece....Though it was tasty, beaver may be the only meat which couldn't be tolerable in chili.

    Dachsi's are great: the spunk of a "real dog" in the convenient form of a small dog.

    I've lived in AK for almost 20 years and I'm almost 27.

    Yes, there is a pool close by....I can "not drown" (doggy paddle), I just can't swim and probably should learn how.
    @ "Anonymous"-Kristi: As I stated before: my husband has a very colorful family! ;)
    @Johnnie aka: hubby: You stink after 2 hours. Heehee...and I already answered your question about who Shane and Kristi are. ;)