Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Perfect Day to Start My Blog

Currently, I am sitting at a a window which faces our driveway. The snow is falling steadily and sticking to every inch of earth around. I am watching "Maggie," the Magpie as she hops effortlessly from limb to limb of a Spruce tree. She, no doubt, is returning to continue pecking the meat off my husband's freshly killed black bear skull. I've seen her frequently this month, ever since we came home from hunting with a moose and the bear. Though our meat bounty has long been cleaned, cut, and frozen, Maggie and her Chicadee friends have been gratefully consuming the scraps off the bones.

I saved the bones of our moose, and one shot by my oldest brother, Ken to attract furbearers during the upcoming trapping season. I am the trapper of the family, a skill I learned from my dad. I haven't set a line in about 5 years, but I am determined to get out this year and try again.

I welcome the month of October 3 months pregnant with our 3'rd child. Our oldest is a 4 year-old rambunctious boy, Judah. He can be described with no less color. His strong-willed personality matches his Biblical name. Paris, his sister, is a girly 2 and 3/4 year-old, full of personality too. She loves to sing-loudly-very loudly. :) Hubby, John, works long hours, for few days a week. He's in the emergency field. We have two dogs, a tempermental Brittany, Mrs. Jones and a wild German Shorthaired Pointer, Moses. Both were rescued by us, and now live very spoiled lives. Also living in our home is my wonderful, amazing mother, and her Brittany, Alyeska.

Thankfully, we have a large home, new to us this year. It fits all of us very comfortably and, thanks to Sarah Palin, the energy check she gave to us residents should pay for us to heat this house just fine this winter.

"Winter:" that brings me back to the start of my blog. I don't wish for this blog to become a day-to day or week-to-week play on me and my family, though I am sure to write plenty about us. Instead, it's my desire to make this blog about Alaskans-true Alaskans-their stories: our stories: life in the Great Land-not just my life: the Alaskan way.

And today, was a grand Alaskan day. Early this morning, my brother and his wife set out for a drive to the Yukon, leaving their large, white dog with me. The kids and I set out for a quick trip to the library. We returned home to find a Spruce Grouse at the corner of our driveway. Knowing these are some of the stupidest birds ever, I told the kids to wait in the car while I went in to grab my .22. It is an H&R pistol-type which looks like an old revolver. It's also fun and easy to shoot. I walked straight out to the silly bird, stood 7 feet away, and made her into an easy dinner. I let the large, white dog, Sandy, retrieve the bird, which she did without hesitation. She proudly carried it in her gentle grip until I told her to release it. I saved the bird carcus for trapping as well. With God's help, I should be able to attract a lynx or two with such a tantalizing bait.

In any case, it was a beautifull Alaskan day, as most days here are.

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  1. I love you and I think this is awesome that you are doing this. I wish you would write every day so I would have something to do at work.